How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

Hello Yognut People! Welcome to Yognut again! In the whole life, we spend 14-15 years on studies and give it the first priority. Study or Knowledge is the only thing that can make any people achieve most of their goals. But, concentrate on studies is one of the difficult tasks for most students. Avoiding distractions, avoiding destructive things are also the most difficult things. Today on Yognut we are going to share with you all How to Concentrate on Studies.

We see a lot of time that a person who spend 10 hours studying and a person who is studying for 2 hours scores more than the person who studies for 10 hours. It is because the study is not about how much time you spend but it is about how you study, what is the way of your study. It depends upon you, we all have the same mind given by the god but it depends upon us how we use it.

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Moreover, It is not easy to remember and memorize every detailed thing and also not easy to learn and keep memorize the difficult chapters. Today’s article may help you with your next tests, exams, etc. and make your work productive as well. So, Here, I am listing below some points to avoid disturbance, distractions and concentrate on Studies efficiently and to be productive:

How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 easy ways?

1. Find A Proper Study Zone

Proper Study Zone - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

You should find a proper study zone where you can study peacefully and no one can disturb you. The study room should be imperatively neat and clean because it influences your ability to work.

To concentrate on studies you must find a corner place in your house where rarely someone comes, the place should be quiet and have no noises that could distract your learning process.

Once you find your study place, you can go for further steps.

2. Make A Routine or Schedule

Make A Routine or Schedule - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

You can make a routine/schedule for your study. It means you should have a proper time-table for different subjects. You can set it by yourself.

I am giving an example here:-

If I am studying Maths on Monday along with English then it will be perfect. Here, Math is a practicing subject and you have to practice and also make solutions that may take the time that’s why we are taking English here because it will take less time to study.

Or, you can do this too. You can also take your hard or difficult subject on a daily basis routine and the rest of the subject will vary.

Make sure that you Never study more than two subjects in a day. It will be hectic for you. Set your target and it’s done. Now, move on to the next step.

3. Create Summaries and Diagrams

Create Summaries and Diagrams - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

Now, In this step, you have to prepare summaries and diagrams for each and every subject.

Summary means you have to write something in your words that will help you a lot. For example, You can make and prepare a simple note by reading a chapter in your words it will be easy for you to understand and remember. And also, you can point out those lines or words which you think are important.

Diagrams mean you have also prepared diagrams it means if you want to remember anything in a simple way you can just connect everything with each other and make it so simple. For example, you can make a diagram like a chart like If I want to make a chart of Animal kingdom from beginning to the last. It will be easy for me to remember.

Also, you can go for the notes and main points provided by your teacher. It will also help you a lot.

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4. Establish A Productive Schedule

Create Summaries and Diagrams 1 - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

You should prepare a productive schedule for the whole day. A productive Schedule means you should do that work where you gain something.

You can simply make a note of the to-do list on the whole day and work accordingly or you can also make a time-table for every day and do the as per the routine.\

Now, in this Productive Schedule, you should mention 7-8 hours for study. Science says 7-8 hours in a day is enough for study and it will not bother you much.

You have to practice to sit for this period of time. Try to start with your favorite subject or favorite topic, it will give motivation and also make you feel interesting.

Once you start it move on to the next stage.

5. Take A Break in Every Two hours

Take A Break in Every Two hours - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

While you are studying try to take a break in every two hours or according to yourself.

Taking a break in the middle can make you feel constant and you won’t lose your interest. It will also help you to memorize everything. It will make you feel relax not bothering.

In this meanwhile time, you do whatever you want to do. You can give time to your family or you can play, have some food or do what you want to. It will make you comfortable and also make your learning power powerful.

You can do it in some ways, for example, You can take a break after completion of one subject or you can take a break in every interval of time in completion of one chapter or your target.

The break will be as you desire it means the time what you want to take for the relaxation of time we recommend you to take 15-20 minutes to break, it will be enough.

Now, after having so, You can go for further steps.

6. Avoid using too much time on Smartphones

Avoid using too much time on Smartphones - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

Smartphones are the biggest distraction these days. While you are studying, avoid using smartphones, it will distract you as nothing can.

With the emergence of technologies, it is easy to connect with our love beings like friends, families and many apps, websites and social media networks have those type of contents which will make you feel interesting. I am not getting against of Internet because it also has many informative things you can find out.

But, if you are spending time on such irrelevant things then it will be harmful to you and for your career.

The best way to study with concentration is to avoid smartphones at least that time when you are studying.

Once you start avoiding smartphones, you may see your concentration power increases.

7. Do not Leave till the End

Avoid using too much time on Smartphones 1 - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

When you start a chapter try never to leave in the middle. Many students lose their interest or lose their point of view if chapters are so long and lengthy. You have to make sure that at every point it interests you more and more.

You have to set up your mind for it that you have to complete a chapter for what time you want.

I know it’s not easy to understand every point or topic at that time if you find difficulty let you take a break and relax your mind again try it. If it won’t happen then ask your friends’ teacher they will help you so much.

Also, you can use study material or notes or nowadays some apps also there to help you, take their help and never let yourself down.

8. Be Healthy

Be Healthy - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

The most important thing today is to be healthy. To do so you should take a balanced diet and healthy food. Avoid junk food, Being healthy will make you fulfill and make every work simple for you.

Whoever it is teenager, adult or child everyone should take milk, fruits, green vegetables per day as their balanced diet and also take food like almonds that increase your memorizing power. And, you should also take vitamins, minerals as well, in fact, every component of food that makes you healthy.

Because it is a phase where you need a proper diet and food to nourish yourself and live longer and the most important thing nothing is important than your health you should keep yourself healthy to get your target.

9. Hydrate Yourself

Be Healthy 1 - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

Hydration is a very important thing. When you start your study keep full of the water bottle to make you hydrated. Loss of Hydration can cause Dehydration and be ill will stop you to get your goal.

It will also help you to do not lose your interest during your studies. Being hydrated also helps you to digest your food properly and also it is good for your physical and mental health.

10. Do Some Exercise

Do Some - How to Concentrate on Studies in 10 Easy ways

Nowadays, in a world full of busy persons, we do not have time for our health and we spend a lot of time working and not take care of our self. In the world of ran run, we should have to take care of our bodies also.

You should have exercise regularly if you do not have much time to try to give at least 30 minutes to yourself. Because nothing is important then if you are then there is everything and you should admit it.

Take time and give it to yourself it will emphasize you more and make you feel fresh all the time.

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Additional Points:

  • Do Meditation: Meditation is the key to success. Everyone should do meditation per day at least one time. It not only good for your health it also increases concentration power and helps you to learn more, relax your mind and makes you feel stress-free. It also enhances your capability and capacity to remember or memorize anything.
  • Listen to Some Music: Listening to music can also help you to make your self stress free and relaxed. It is another way to meditate. You should give sometimes to good music that embellishes your mood and make you feel good. Avoid listening to that music which is depressing and demotivates you. Try to listen to the songs or music you love.
  • Give Some Time to Spirituality: Yes, Give some time to spirituality I do not mean that be a devotee. There is a difference between superstitions and spirituality. Spirituality gives you peace and takes you that way where you will get to know who are you. Give at least 1-2 minutes daily it will increase your capability and emphasize your work.


If you set your goal or target it these things will help you but it all depends upon you. It is about how you are determined by your work or studies. It will be your hard work to get your target. And, one more thing is only you are responsible for whatever you get do not blame anyone. And, I hope you all understand what I mean.

That’s it for this article guys. I hope you all like it and it is helpful for you all. If it is then let me know in the comment section and also give some suggestions if you have regarding this.

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